A collection of articles and design explorations I’ve created since 2013. Visit the archive for the most popular articles.

In addition to my portfolio and gallery, I sometimes feel inspired to share the process of learning new software or techniques. Here you'll find a combination of tutorials, news and image/scene breakdowns. 

My Podcast

The time has come for me to pull back the curtain and reveal what I've been working on since the beginning of 2017! As a long-time podcast listener, I decided it was time that I pursue my desire to create a podcast myself.

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My Career So Far...

Though I'm still young, I'm fortunate to have had many opportunities to grow, both professionally and personally. Being a results-driven person, it's easy to get mired by the daily challenges of being a young professional. I like to keep this list as a hyper-abridged journal of highlights each chapter in my life has offered.

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Moon Truck

In an ongoing mission to become proficient in MODO, I consume tutorials to further my learning when possible. Vaughan Ling (who I met in college) is one of the better known artists who wields MODO as a painter does, his brush. So, why not try to learn from one of the best?

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3D Scans

3D scanning is a really cool process in which a special camera captures a cloud of data points. Those data points can be turned into a 3D model to suit your needs. Check out what happened when Andrew Bougie, owner of Digitize Designs sent me some scanned data to test!

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Book Review - Mastery

Mastery is a heck of a read. It's a hefty book that will satisfy the hungriest of learners. If you're someone who's sick of hearing the same-ol' advice like, 'have a routine', 'be consistent', ,get enough sleep', 'meditate', then this book is for you. It reads less like a click-baity top-ten list and more like a deep dive into what it really takes to become a master.

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Sushi Knife

After testing out the material, I knew I needed to find an excuse to use it in a rendering. I remembered the procedural Oak wood material I created and uploaded to the Cloud Library recently and decided I would use the wood for the handle and the steel for the blade. It was a nice bite-sized project I could knock out in one sitting, so I did just that. 

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