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In addition to my portfolio and gallery, I sometimes feel inspired to share the process of learning new software or techniques. Here you'll find a combination of tutorials, news and image/scene breakdowns. 

Learning MODO contd.

I've been learning how to use MODO the past couple of months but had to take about a three-week break to do some client work. I was excited to see that once-upon-a-time college classmate Vaughan Ling has released some new MODO tutorials over on his Gumroad page. I took action and copped a couple of them and now I'm back in the game, learning quicker than ever and enjoying it a whole bunch! 

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How to Not Hate Your Job & Life

I care about what I do and I spend lots of time doing it. Sometimes I work too much. When it stops being fun, you’re doing it wrong. We’re not given a lifetime so we can piss it away doing something we don’t enjoy. Being honest with yourself and taking action are two things you can do to ensure you enjoy your work and life.

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Seven Reasons To hire A Freelancer

As 2015 draws to a close, the population of United States professionals who make a living freelancing is at an all-time high. As of October, 2015, 46% of the U.S. population is employed. 36% of all U.S. workers are freelancers. The question is, have you hired a freelancer in the past year, and if not, how come? 

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