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In addition to my portfolio and gallery, I sometimes feel inspired to share the process of learning new software or techniques. Here you'll find a combination of tutorials, news and image/scene breakdowns. 

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My Career So Far...

Though I'm still young, I'm fortunate to have had many opportunities to grow, both professionally and personally. Being a results-driven person, it's easy to get mired by the daily challenges of being a young professional. I like to keep this list as a hyper-abridged journal of highlights each chapter in my life has offered.

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Book Review - Mastery

Mastery is a heck of a read. It's a hefty book that will satisfy the hungriest of learners. If you're someone who's sick of hearing the same-ol' advice like, 'have a routine', 'be consistent', ,get enough sleep', 'meditate', then this book is for you. It reads less like a click-baity top-ten list and more like a deep dive into what it really takes to become a master.

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Seven Reasons To hire A Freelancer

As 2015 draws to a close, the population of United States professionals who make a living freelancing is at an all-time high. As of October, 2015, 46% of the U.S. population is employed. 36% of all U.S. workers are freelancers. The question is, have you hired a freelancer in the past year, and if not, how come? 

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How I Landed My First Design Job

Freelancing has its perks of course, but I’ve been keeping an eye open for an opportunity that will allow me to work in a collaborative environment with a team of people I can learn from. This reminds me of what it took to land my first job out of college as a fresh graduate. Today, I want to share with you my story of the first 3 months after I graduated. 

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