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December 2017, Monthly Journal

December Journal Will Gibbons.jpg

It's that time again, where I recap what I've been up to over the past month! Read on to learn what's been done and what's next.

*Note: I'm writing and publishing this in (not after) December because I like many others plan to take time away from the internet near the end of this months when I would normally publish this article. 

Work Travel

  • Minneapolis, MN - American Conglomerate

December has been thankfully a quiet month. I'm going to train a group of designers in the greater Minneapolis area as well as a one of the largest players in the beverage industry here in NYC.

Album of the Month

I'm mixing it up a bit this month and rather than an album, I'm recommending a story. I'd call it an audiobook, but it's actually been written and produced for podcast-consumption only. It's tied for my favorite Zombie Apocalypse story of all time. It's written and produced by Kc Wayland and best described as a Theater Production for the Mind. With a full cast of voice actors, film-quality sound effects and incredible writing and character development, this is one of the best pieces of fiction I've consumed. Ever. If you like the Zombie genre, you'll eat this up!

(Click image below to listen online)

We're Alive

Written & Produced by Kc Wayland

Book of the Month

As I travel, I tend to read books. I love reading and learning, but the only time I tend to find to read is when I'm waiting. This can be at the doctor's office, in line at the DMV, at the airport, on the bus. I carry a 5-year-old Amazon Kindle and buy only digital books. It's often more expensive to buy either e-books or audio-books, but I think of the extra cost as a Convenience Tax. We all pay more for convenience. The small Kindle barely adds to my packing bulk, holds a long charge and works well enough. 

The book I'm recommending is Austin Kleon's Steal like an ArtistI've heard it mentioned a million times but finally bought and read it. It's a very short read (and packed with wisdom). The concepts are deceptively simple, but serve as great reminders that we tend to over-complicate things. There's lots of actionable advice and thought-pieces to help reframe a creative sticking point. 

Buy (& read) this book

By Austin Kleon

Personal Projects

So, the Toy Soldier project continues to render. It's taking far longer than anticipated, but I think it'll be complete by the end of December. This has me building a new primary computer.

On the downside, I got sick with Strep Throat. It's happened quite a lot lately and I'm looking at having some more in-depth discussions with an ENT or two to assess my options. About to consider a tonsillectomy if it'll lower my frequency of infection. Travel does take its toll on me and when I get run down, escaping sickness can be impossible. 

New computer. That's right! My parts began arriving at the beginning of December and the build process took place over a few weeks due to ordering new parts, and my limited availability. It should be finished within the next week and I'm excited to kick off the new year with a new machine. I'll be creating a blog post for this machine for those interested. 

Me playing around with Voronoi structures and KeyShot's cloudy plastic material

December Photo Gallery - Will add photos at end of month