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October 2017, Monthly Journal

October 2017.jpg

Welcome to my second monthly Journal entry. This is where I share what I've been up to for the past month. Also, today is my birthday!

Work Travel

  • Charlotte, NC - Appliances
  • Cincinnati, OH - Beauty Products
  • Franklin Lakes, NJ - Medical Equipment
  • Woking, UK - Automotive
  • Aarhus, DK - Luxion, Denmark

This Month's Album

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The Midnight



What a busy month! This month included a ton of travel. In total, I was able to spend 8 days at home, most of which were spent with Julie (my better half). She's now traveling to finish her rotations for 4th year of medical school as well as interviews for residency. Between our schedules, we are like ships passing in the night, relying on technology to keep us close. 

Personal Projects

I had a couple of days before leaving for my Europe trip in which I was able to apply preliminary materials in KeyShot to my animated short scene (mentioned in last month's entry). Then, I queued up the animation to render out at a resolution of 800px wide. This will run on my machine at home for about a week before it's finished. This is something I like to do when I'm away traveling because my computer would otherwise be sitting off. I figure I might as well have it working while I'm away. My rig is a 4-year-old BOXX with an intel i7 chipset. Maybe I'll do a thorough post on my workstation in the next month or so.

Europe Trip

The other notable item that happened this month (besides seeing Bladerunner 2049) is that I visited the Luxion Denmark office (where KeyShot is developed) to spend some time with the team there. I also did some work with a group outside of London which was my first international business trip. The last time I was in Europe was in 2010 when I visited my brother during his study abroad. In no particular order, here are some observations I made note of, primarily focusing on differences between U.S. culture and UK or Danish culture. 

  • Me: "Should I order the burger or curry?"
    Waiter: "If you are always having a burger, better go with curry.”
    Apparently the rest of the world associates Americans with hamburgers. 
  • U.S. restaurants call it a ‘check’ in the UK, a bill (as it should be)
  • Paper bills have been replaced with plastic
  • “Nice rest” instead of goodnight
  • Coffee sucks, tea is great
  • Avoid continental breakfast
  • You have to be comfortable carrying coins
  • Nobody seems rushed
  • Airport staff friendlier than in USA
  • "Are you alright?", instead of "How's it going?"
  • "Sorry", instead of "excuse me".

Below are a selection of Images from this past month's travels. Click an image to view the gallery.