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September 2017, Monthly Journal


Welcome to my first monthly Journal entry. It occurred to me recently that I stay incredibly busy with work, various projects and life in general. You'd never guess it if you came across my website over the past year. I'd like to keep it updated to share what I'm up to both professionally, and personally. I travel now more for work than I probably ever will in my life and that brings its fare share of adventures.

I'd like to keep some sort of format to these entries if possible to see how the items I choose to share vary month to month.

Work Travel

  • Chicago, IL - Production Studio
  • Kalamazoo, MI - Medical Equipment
  • PepsiCo - KeyShot NY User Group

Personal Travel

  • South Haven, MI - Family Vacation

This Month's Album

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The Maine

Lovely Little Lonely

KeyShot User Group Event

This month, we had the honor of hosting our first NYC user group. PepsiCo was kind enough to host the event in their headquarters in New York City. Fortunate for me, that's in my backyard, so I just had to take a short train to the event. KeyShot's co-founder and chief scientist was present to answer questions and interact with attendees. My supervisor was also present and I got to share what's cool and exciting about KeyShot 7 with those who attended. We'd invited a handful of local design professionals and the turnout was great! See below for a photo I took when I was presenting. (it's the one everyone's smiling in)

Overall, the event was a hit and a nice confirmation that we'll get plenty of value in hosting similar events in other large US cities. Hopefully I'll see you at a future usergroup event!

Personal Project

This month I ran into an export issue with Autodesk Fusion 360. I've been building a fairly large and detailed scene for an upcoming animated short I've been chipping away at. The issue here is that my design is no longer exporting as a .obj using A360's dashboard (the online interface) and it's infuriating... but such is often the case with software. I logged my issues on the A360 forum. Turns out my scene was bigger than the A360 server could export. To avoid this issue yourself, read up on it here.  

I decided to use the last version I exported into KeyShot and make any changes manually in KeyShot. Not ideal, but it will work. It's a bit alarming to know my main CAD software has such glaring issues that I may be stuck not being able to get my data out of the program.

I don't want to spill the beans yet, but this animated short is something I've been working on whenever I get a few hours at home. It's been very slow going unfortunately, but I'm excited to wrap it up. It's a collaboration I had an idea for back in spring of this year, more than 6 months ago. Keep an eye on my Instagram stories as I often show sneak peeks of the project. 

If you have recommendations on what I should include in these monthly Journal entries, just comment below and I can include those items on my next entry. I just cleared the photos off my phone and am writing this from a hotel. I'll add photos to this entry when I get an opportunity.