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My friend Mike Neilson, creator of Switcheroo has launched a Kickstarter campaign for his product called Switcheroo. It's a small device that allows you to essentially re-wire your house without any renovation or smart phone app!

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I met Mike in late 2015, when I was still living in Greensburg, PA. I was referred to Mike through a mutual connection. Mike had been developing an idea for a while and had jut quit his 9-5 to pursue his dream of starting a company and launching a product. He asked if I'd be able to help out with the design and development of his idea. Burgers and beers were had, hands were shaken and so it began.

(Click the concepts below to view larger)

We worked through a handful of concepts and iterations in the beginning to nail down a form factor. Once I was introduced to the electrical engineers on the project, I worked with them to tweak the design as necessary alongside the development of the PCB. Eventually, the decision to do away with the toggle switch was made, and the design was simplified to a single dial, which resulted in a nice, simple and clean design. 


Just after I moved to New York to join Luxion (my current job), the design was finalized. I created some final beauty shots, rendered in KeyShot. About 8 months later, Switcheroo's Kickstarter campaign launched! When Mike sent me some actual photos of the first prototype, I was pleased to see how similar they looked to the renderings I created. To see the translation from sketch to rendering to prototype is incredibly rewarding. It also speaks volumes of the importance of tools that allow a designer to communicate his ideas accurately and quickly. In this case, pen and paper did fine in the beginning, but switching over to KeyShot, I was able to create accurate sample images... before anything was made!

Prototype Photos

I really enjoyed getting to know Mike and work with him and the rest of his team on this project! I hope to see this in production soon!