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In addition to my portfolio and gallery, I sometimes feel inspired to share the process of learning new software or techniques. Here you'll find a combination of tutorials, news and image/scene breakdowns. 

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My Career So Far...

Though I'm still young, I'm fortunate to have had many opportunities to grow, both professionally and personally. Being a results-driven person, it's easy to get mired by the daily challenges of being a young professional. I like to keep this list as a hyper-abridged journal of highlights each chapter in my life has offered.

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How to Not Hate Your Job & Life

I care about what I do and I spend lots of time doing it. Sometimes I work too much. When it stops being fun, you’re doing it wrong. We’re not given a lifetime so we can piss it away doing something we don’t enjoy. Being honest with yourself and taking action are two things you can do to ensure you enjoy your work and life.

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How I Landed My First Design Job

Freelancing has its perks of course, but I’ve been keeping an eye open for an opportunity that will allow me to work in a collaborative environment with a team of people I can learn from. This reminds me of what it took to land my first job out of college as a fresh graduate. Today, I want to share with you my story of the first 3 months after I graduated. 

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9 Questions to Ask Potential Clients

Whether you're used to taking on freelance clients or just considering getting started, there are 9 questions I like to ask in order to get a clear understanding of the project. The responses to these specific questions often provide me with enough information to make a decision as to whether or not I should get involved with the project.

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