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Camping Stove

This compact backpacking stove was modeled, rendered and animated for a couple of workshops I presented at KeyShot RenderWorld 2018.


Owner Luxion, Inc
Creator Will Gibbons


As the Global Training Specialist at Luxion, I presented two instructional workshops at the third annual KeyShot RenderWorld conference. One workshop focused on efficient workflow for professionals and the other on advanced animation techniques. I modeled, animated and rendered this backpacking stove to illustrate my workflow and animation processes.


The process was quite straight-forward. I own this beautifully-well-designed backpacking stove, designed and manufactured by MSR. I used it for reference and first created a 3D model using Autodesk Fusion 360. I tried to capture as much detail in the model as possible to enhance the effectiveness of the final animation. There are also efficiencies to be gained by using a properly-nested CAD assembly structure for any model that will eventually be animated in KeyShot.

2018-07-04 07_28_46-Autodesk Fusion 360 (Startup License).png

Once I completed the model, I composed a still image to dial in all the KeyShot materials. This allowed me to focus on recreating all the subtle details in the materials before animating the model. Once satisfied, I created a material template in KeyShot. This would allow me to automatically re-apply all the materials to the the stove once I animated it.

camping stove post_small.jpg

After animating the stove model in a new KeyShot scene, I rendered out the animation as an image sequence. I imported the image sequence into Adobe Premiere Pro where I fine-tuned the timing of the animation, made a few edits, color-graded, added music and encoded the video.  


Given the short turnaround required, I'm satisfied with the results. The model served its purpose well to teach attendees how to improve their workflow and animations created in KeyShot.