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In 2019, the Sony Cube Radio will be 50 years old. Here's my take on a modern re-design for the occasion.

Sony Cube TR-1819 & TFM-1837W.jpg

Sony TFM-1837W

The cube on the right is a portable FM radio produced by Sony in 1969. I chose to design a modernized version for the cube radio's upcoming 50-year anniversary. (concept only, no affiiation with Sony)

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This was a short weekend project crated to participate in Render Weekly, an ongoing Instagram 3D modeling and rendering challenge. I wanted to preserve the iconic simplicity of the cube radio, so the actual shape didn't change much. Given modern manufacturing, some of the details could be refined.


With the prompt of 'model and render an audio product', I did some research and found the Sony Cube radio. I thought it would be cool to do a high-end modern reboot of this iconic design. After blocking it in using Fusion 360, I explored some alternative CMF options in KeyShot 7 where I created some final images.


  • Micro-perforation speaker grille
  • Brushed stainless anodized titanium top surface
  • Laser-etched details on titanium surfaces
  • Soft-touch speckled coating for non-metallic surfaces
  • Rechargeable Li-ion battery


The end result is a throwback to an iconic design and a conversation-starter. It's a radio made using premium materials and manufacturing processes. And while it would be easy to tack on Bluetooth to make it a 'me-too' product, the absence of Bluetooth is intentional as it preserves one vital characteristic from this object's era.