The S-01 Drone is a surveillance UAV employed by local law enforcement. Its onboard stabilized IR cameras help provide intel from a safe distance.


Owner Luxion, Inc
Creator Will Gibbons


While training customers how to use KeyShot, it's customary for Luxion to provide 3D models to be used by the instructor (me) and the the trainees. In order to teach animation, I created a model that would allow users to take advantage of all of KeyShot's animation features.


I sketched some rough ideas up, blocked the model in using SolidWorks, then animated the rough model in KeyShot to make sure everything behaved as expected. Once I was satisfied with the results, I finished the model in SolidWorks and added a few details. I then created two animations in KeyShot to showcase all of its animation tools. The animation above focuses on part animations whereas the one below focuses on camera movements. 


The model has served its purpose and been used by hundreds of professionals to learn how to animate CAD assemblies in KeyShot. I learned some of the finer points of KeyShot animation and modeling CAD assemblies for animation purposes along the way.