Ion Me

Ion Me is a sports wristband made from a negative-ion-emitting material.


Client Ion Me
3D Modeling & Rendering Will Gibbons


The owner of Ion Me contacted me when he was ready to create a new e-commerce site for the sports band Ion Me. This was one of my first freelance jobs back in 2013.


Ion Me wanted imagery that showed their product in as much detail as possible. Consistency and color-accuracy was a high priority. I ended up modeling 3 or 4 different bands and creating accurate KeyShot materials for each color. I then had to maintain consistency in lighting and color accuracy across about 60 different color combinations as well as creating assets for a web-based configurator for custom colorways. This was well before KeyShot's had tools to create studios, configurations, scripting or colorways, so lots of meticulous batch-work had to be done. 


I was able to deliver high-resolution images styled exactly as Ion Me wanted as well as help to build an online tool that allowed customers to order custom color combinations. Once the KeyShot file had been created, updates and edits were very easy to make resulting in something we could not create using photography. 


"Will Gibbons has helped me improve the look of the ION ME website along with some other marketing materials. Before I met him, I needed help with creating 3D models of our products and high-quality marketing materials. He's been able to reverse-engineer our products and model them, create detailed renderings and help with the occasional Photoshop job for me. As a result of his work, I've got more eye-catching content for a new website that elevates the quality and image of the ION ME brand. I enjoy working with Will because he's quick to communicate and always delivers." - Hotan Barough, CEO of Ion Me