LDA-01 is a lightweight, robust truss accessory used by DJs and event entertainers to project light onto.


Client Private
Design, 3D Modeling & Rendering Will Gibbons


I was tasked with designing an accessory for a contractor for a truss manufacturer.


The idea was to leverage existing hardware and materials manufactured by this company to create another accessory that could be uses to add interest to live events. The item needed to be compact and robust since the primary audience was DJ artists who perform at parties and weddings.


An articulating arm with locking mechanisms was designed to support a light-weight aluminum hoop. The hoop would support stretchy cloth that would catch light. The arm mounted to a couple of pieces of mounting hardware from the manufacturer and met all the initial objectives set out by the client.


"I came to will hoping he'd understand my ideas and that he would be able to create compelling images to sell the idea. Not only did he deliver on the promise, but he went completely far above and beyond. The way he delivered at every stage, I was absolutely floored by the results. The worst part was the inevitable end of the project. I truly hope I have the opportunity to work with Will again." - Donald Hauger