The Ultimate Shelter Logic Garage

When choosing a storage solution for all of your belongings, there's simply no better option than a Shelter Logic garage. Just like Shelter Logic sheds, these garages are built tough to withstand even the harshest of outdoor conditions. Their robust steel construction means that they can easily protect all your items from the weather. You may be wondering why you must choose a Shelter Logic garage in particular over other brands or styles. Here are just five reasons.

  1. They're easy to clean.
  2. They provide maximum access to stored items due to rolling doors on either side.
  3. Their durable design is built for lasting strength year after year.
  4. They come with an optional floor kit so that your storage solution becomes even more helpful when it's installed onto concrete pads outside your house.
  5. Units with translucent roofs allow natural light into the space below them. This allows for better visibility than darker options like wood garages which block out sunlight.

If you are looking for a storage solution to store your things in, it is time to look at Shelter Logic garages. These garages can handle any conditions that come their way. They are built strong enough to be blown away or damaged by weather like heavy wind or snow; you just have to know how to choose the perfect shelter storage for your place.

They have a robust steel construction. This means they can protect your things from all kinds of weather - rain, sleet, hail. In addition to being solid and durable, these garages have been designed with features that make it easier for people to use them. For example, they don't need to spend a long time cleaning before putting stuff in them.

This shelter logic model has a watertight flooring surface, which is easy to clean. It also has wide double doors that open upwards instead of outwards. This means you have full access to all your belongings.

You can order this garage with a floor kit. That way, you can put it on your concrete pad outside. You might need the extra storage space, which will help if natural light is essential to you. The roof is translucent, so plenty of sun rays are coming in. If you want an organized home, invest now!

Standard Workshop Single-Car Garage An Economy New Portable Garage

Your husband will be home soon, and he said he needs more space. We think it is a good idea for you to use one-car portable garages. It is easy to install, and we have helped people build their lives by installing car storage units.

Details of the Product

The Land owner's round-bottom garage box is made of steel. It has a very tough coating and fights against problems like peeling, corrosion, and disintegration. The structure has 6 ribs, making it robust, easy to install, portable, and high-quality.

Three layers of durable ripstop fabrics make this tent 100% waterproof. The expanded weave Polyethylene Cover has UV treated inside and outside. This means that it is protected from the sun and rain. The patented shelter lock stabilizer provides solid stability to the tent. It helps you set up your tent in a short amount of time.

Price Details

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Save Up To 50%

Learn more about Shelter Logic's 62779 13-foot by 21-foot. 8 feet in diameter. Landowner Series Garage-in-a-Box Round Top is constructed of 3 3/8 inches steel frame construction. Steel frames with DuPont thermosetting coated powder coatings that do not chip, peel, rust, or corrode assure high quality. The 6-rib structure provides strength, simplicity of assembly, portability, and top value.

Water-resistant, tarpaulin-like fabric with a 3-layer ripstop hard outer shell. Inside and outside have been UV treated. The Shelter lock stabilizing components' patent is still under development, promising sturdy support and strength. The Easy Slide Cross Rails keep the frame level and square while locking down. Each roof has bolts attaching it to the others.

Same Day Delivery

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A Reliable, Easy-To-Assemble Portable Garage

Do you want an inexpensive, dependable garage that can be readily modified? Place Shelter Logic in a portable garage. Three pieces of Shelter Logic's mobile garage allow you to store cars virtually anyplace. The Portable Storage and Housing facility provide quick, reliable assembly at an affordable price.

Customer Questions

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Garage Inspiration Gallery

Here's a suggestion for creating sheds to turn things on their own. It is possible to save any photos in your saved pictures account once you've registered. So you have the opportunity to go to a gallery, share it with friends, and so on.

What Areas Do You Service?

We provide sheds and garages for people who want to store their cars. You can get a single shed or garage for one car or a double garage for two cars. We cover much of the Mid-Atlantic US, and we go as far south as Tennessee, all the way up to West Virginia. Sometimes we distribute our equipment in Long Island, Vermont, Minnesota, North Carolina, New Hampshire, and South Carolina. For more information on how much it will cost you when we build your shed or garage, please request an estimate from us or create your own 3D design.

What About Site Preparation?

Your customer will need to prepare and clean up the space for building or cleaning. We did not bring anything for this. You can click the above links to know more information about doing this. Below are some companies that we recommend since they are near us.

With Wood or Clapboard Siding

Standard wood single doors are three feet tall, and they have nine raised panels with no glass in them. A 10ft-wide building is 9ft wide.

Do You Want More Space in Your Life?

Build your dream home by asking for an estimate. You can also call us at 717-422-3381 from Monday to Friday from 8am to 5pm, or Saturday from 9am - 13pm. Let's help?

What Does a Typical Workshop Single-Car Garage Look Like Inside?

The entire house has not been finished yet. It can be used as-is, or it can be changed to how you want it to look.

For more information about the various Shelter Logic Garages, you can choose from, click here.

Frequently Asked Questions About Shelter Logic Garage

How Long Do Shelter Logic Covers Last?

The covers are water-resistant and have UV protection. The Standard cover offers a 1-year warranty. The Heavy Duty cover is more expensive, but it provides a 10-year warranty on the fabric and three-year warranties for the panels.

How Long Does a Garage in a Box Last?

It is worth the money to buy a strong home that lasts. The lifespan of a portable garage might range from 10 to 20 years.

What Sizes Do Portable Garages Come In?

A single portable garage is 12' by 20'. The doors are 9' x 9', and the biggest garages have an 18-foot height and will fit most cars. If you want additional windows, you can also contact the contractor.

How Long Do Shelter Logic Covers Last?

All products are waterproof and have protection from the sun. Standard: It provides a 1-year prorated warranty and 1-year warranty on panels. Heavy Duty: Upgrade this 14.5-ounce fabric to a 10 year rated warranty and 3-year warranty on panels

Is It Cheaper To Build a Garage or Buy a Kit?

Building a garage is better than buying one. You can buy kits that are cheaper than 10,000 and take less than 3 hours to make.

Are Our Portable Garages Any Good?

Portable garages are a way to protect your car from rain, snow, and heat. They look like tents, but they are made from a heavier material, which will last longer. The whole process of making portable garages is the same as those in the backyard.

What Can Fit in a One-Car Garage?

How do car parts fit inside a typical one-car garage? Compact and Sports cars are 5-6' wide and 14-17' long. Luxury and big cars are 6-6.5' wide and 16-17' long. SUVs, pickups, vans, Quad's, ATVs are all 6-6', 16'-19"long.

Which Car Shelter Is the Best?

Here are some of the best car visors available in your area. There are also mobile garages, shipping, and parking garages. Prices range from $200 to more than $500. You can buy a car canopy that keeps you dry or an arrow steel carport that is lightweight and waterproof.

Is a Metal Roof Important for a Garage?

Securing your garage is essential, so it is best to have low-maintenance materials when it comes to materials used for the garage.